SafeON Routes About Us

About Us

SafeON™ and SafeON Routes™ (“SafeON™”) were created to build a unique and massive community, engaged at an exceptional level, in real-time, to provide safety, security and emergency services to every one of its members.  By design and nature, SafeON™ addresses a major need for real-time safety and emergency options with a comprehensive suite of tools that are truly unique. 

There is no other application in the mobile space that provides the benefits SafeON™ does, in the manner it does, to as many people that it does.  We will use the power of our users as well as social media, advertising, public relations and strategic partnerships with select market leading enterprises to grow the SafeON NETWORK™ into a massive community with a commonality of needs and purpose.

SafeON™ will serve the needs for safety and security for our constituency of users:  young, mature, in all stages of life, non-geographic specific, no anthropological or societal components or limits. 

The applications are powered by various patented and patent pending, truly unique technological inventions, functionalities and improvements.  Those include our patented Roaming Identity Profile management system which incorporates patented geolocation technologies, our proprietary super SDK and Universal Data Warehouse.

Our company, Safeon Products, LLC, is guided by a management team of extraordinarily experienced and skilled members, including some of the best technological and marketing leaders in the U.S. 

Your safety and security, and your SafeON™ application are really serious business! SafeON™ can save your life. The cost to install from the Apple Store or Google Play is $1.99. Your monthly subscription is $1.99, charged to your credit or debit card. You can cancel anytime. Just let us know by email and you will not be billed any longer.

Everyone should use SafeON™, because no one should be SafeOFF!

Everyone should have SafeON Routes™, because no one should be without it!